The Watch

Your watch is broke.

Only tells you the time, doesn't it?

What if your watch told how much time you have left?

Years ago I worked for a well known aviation school and spoke with soldiers on the local base.  I tried to convince them to work towards a college degree from groups of 400 down to single soldiers.  I viewed it as an opportunity to change someone’s life.  Any new information gained has the potential to change future choices.  Knowledge changes your outlook, changes they way you make decisions, can and will alter the path of your life.  Powerful stuff. 

Still, it takes an epiphany.  All procrastinators need that moment of clarity or a frightening vision of their future.  My watch up above reminds me that my time is running out.  Five novels in two and a half years, that's my goal.  I've thought of writing for a long time.  Just thought about it.  My epiphany was the realization that my life wasn't going to get easier.  I wasn't going to get more time or magically find myself inspired to write.  That’s a pipe dream.  If I wanted it, I had to do it. 

So I am going to do.  Ask any of your elders what they did.  I’ll bet my life saving that the things they most regret are the things they didn’t do.  So DO.  You will make mistakes, we are all human and it is part of the process.  A positive aspect of making a mistake (besides learning something) is you can ask forgiveness.  Forgiving yourself is different.  Don’t hand your older self a bunch of regrets.  You'll have enough to worry about then.

Look at your watch.  Realize what it is and what it means.  Don’t be remembered for the television you watched.  Don’t be remembered for staying home every weekend.  Don’t be remembered for not trying something new.  Don't be remembered for letting your dreams remain just dreams.

Spend your time wisely,

You won’t regret it.