A Phantom Tripped Me

Funny how nature is exact and humans are anything but.

Why do you sleep? Why do some people gain muscle easily and others do not? Why can one person smoke all their life and die at 92 with emphysema while another who never smokes dies of lung cancer at 66? Why am I ready to go the second I wake up in the morning and my wife finds it a super-human effort to stir?

Life is a mystery.

What if you were able to understand every concept, every action, every unknown thing to you?

Do you think that it would allow you to live better or be a better person?

Our inexactness must be a part of our DNA. Always trying to qualify or quantify. Good or bad, too little or too much. Nature doesn’t do that. Trees and plants and bugs and water just do what they do. Period. We are not satisfied with that. We want answers. Reasons. I wonder if our innate knowledge of our lack of control drives us to seek the answers to these questions.

I mentioned in an earlier post a medium by the name of George Anderson. You can find him on Amazon. I read a book about him written by Joel Martin back in the late 80’s or early 90’s. After a brief bout of sickness Mr. Anderson found that he was able to converse with departed spirits. Now if you could get past the initial “Am I crazy?” part, I would think that a rational person would have several questions to ask these spirits. The book was created when Mr. Martin tried to dispel Mr. Anderson’s ability and wasn’t able to. He appeared to be the real deal. I don’t know Mr. Anderson and I’ve never met him. All I know is what I’ve read and people can write anything they’d like. I found the book interesting especially his discussions with several spirits and their responses to various questions. Some were more specific than others, but a good majority were general enough to rate right up there with the best of politician. But, to be honest, we humans are pretty good at complicating things so that a simple answer doesn’t exist. Life isn’t as easy as pouring piss out of a boot even if the directions for doing so are written on the heel. Still, many of their answers gave food for thought.

Flash forward a few years. If you look for this book on Amazon you will find that the overwhelming majority favored this book and Mr. Anderson overall. However, I would ask that you take a look at the one-star review by “di tamrakat”. It is a moving reflection of a woman who evidently lost her son and husband in a short time. I assume that what Mrs. Di Tamrakat has written is true, and I can understand why she would have searched out Mr. Anderson. It is also interesting to note that Mr. Anderson evidently is doing so well he is booked solid and the soonest she could meet with him was three months in advance for a phone reading.  Hmmmm.

Now I’m no expert, but something about a phone reading just throws me. If you happened to be a bona fide and real medium with real abilities I can’t begin to imagine that you would consider for a second something so impersonal as a phone reading. I realize that you can’t please everyone but I think that if you were honest up front about your inability to help someone that you at the very least would save face. A full 96% of folks who read her review found it helpful. I bet that one review cost Mr. Anderson ten times the amount he charged her if not more. And that was what it was all about, I’d guess.

I imagine that even with the spirit’s help we can still be a lost cause.

And people wonder why I like my solitude in the mountains.