Mind & Body, That's the Spirit!

So the other morning I woke up with a deep thought.

I looked at my wife and asked “I think that trefoil diagram creating a Reuleaux triangle of mind, body and spirit is wrong. It should be a vesica piscis.”

She blinked once, arched her eyes and rolled back over to sleep.

I get that a lot.

Why I wake up fully alert with my mind already running is beyond me. My wife can wake up and fall back asleep several times in the morning. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve be able to do that. Might be the fault of the military but I’m not complaining.

The Reuleaux triangle is created by the central overlap of three triangles - the trefoil is the outer circumference of those three circles. This design is frequently used to represent mind, body and spirit;


It’s funny how we try to visualize concepts that aren’t visual. I suppose if more of our brain were reserved for our sense of hearing instead of sight, we’d turn everything into music. Imagine explaining a fart to someone with only a sense of touch. You can touch a fart but could you feel it?

The trefoil is a useful design but I don’t think it is representative of these three ideas. What if body and spirit (or conscience if you will) were their own circles that overlap to create the mind? That makes better sense. That design (called Vesica Piscis) looks like this;

I think discrepancies of time between body/mind/spirit are not considered in the first design. The body is fixed in this existence; we aren’t going to be taking them with us. Those additional gray hairs in the mirror remind us all of that. Your spirit however, unless you believe in nothing, is a form of energy. Physics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, so it is plausible that we continue forever as such, without any reference to time.

Stephen King wrote a short story years ago about a boy going on a trip to another planet much like the fabled Star Trek’s transporters. In his story the people transported took pills to be sedated for the journey. The trip took no time at all when they slept through it. Despite the warnings against it and curious to know what would happen (curious is never good for Mr. King's characters) the boy didn’t take his pill. When they arrived this kid had aged and was completely crazy; in his mind the trip had taken over a million years.

Our mind can’t comprehend that. Sure, you can look at a large number or imagine it, but to actually live for a million years or forever just doesn’t compute. Scientists have proof that time can be cheated, believe it or not. Quantum physics has shown that at that level, beyond molecules and atoms, time may not exist. Waves and particles appear to not be bound by time in this reality; they’ve also shown mathematically that other universes may exist. Weird.

The biggest mystery in the scientific world is how to correlate the rules of classical physics with the rules of quantum physics. Surfer dude Antony Garrett Lisi came up with the still unfinished E8 theory to unify or combine these fields into one complete understanding of our universe. It’s pretty interesting. The design is neat, even if the reality of it is impossible to visualize.

As such, the rules of classic physics could represent the body and the rules of quantum physics the spirit. Our minds, in control of our senses in this universe but able to think outside of that box, could be what combines the two. We have a mind while here but whether or not we’ll have it after this life is anyone’s guess. Many of us might not want theirs, actually. But it is pretty good at retaining memories.  Most of the time, that is.

So later in the day I explained this idea to my wife.

She blinked twice, arched her eyes up and went back to work. “I think you need to sleep more,” she said.

I guess it's just me. That’s the stuff I wonder about.

What about you?