Don't Trust Ghostwriters

A friend of mine writes letters to his ghost. She writes back.

Me - I’ve seen real live dead people. Found one in my hotel, once.  Ghosts are more interesting.

A friend stayed in an English hotel reputed to have a haunted room. Always up for something new, he asked to spend a night there. He awoke in the night to see a woman standing at the foot of his bed. Clothed in a white dress from a century or two ago, she motioned to him then vanished. He thought it had been a dream and never mentioned it to anyone.

Months go by and he is once again in England, this time at a bar. A young girl he had never met sidled up to him and asked "You remember me?"

"I don't think we've ever met," he replied.

She said “I came and visited you that night.”

He looked at her skeptically and asked “What night?”

“That night in a hotel room. I was at the foot the bed in a white dress.  I waved.”

They talked.  She said they’d been married in a previous life. It was a ho-hum marriage to hear her tell it.

I believe in reincarnation. It’s a math thing. You are here now.  If it happened once it can happen again. The odds are good.

So if this is your second time around, you are a shifty cheater.

Think about it.

The human population of the earth keeps increasing. That means there’s more souls than what is currently on earth. Out of all those souls, there are some that have never been here. Not even once. Math will prove it.

That means you butted in line to get here twice.

An interesting read is We Don’t Die by Joel Martin. He wrote it after failing to debunk the medium George Anderson. An interesting part of the book is Mr. Anderson’s own talks with spirits. If I could talk to spirits I’d have all sorts of questions. Forget about the big ones — I want to know small stuff. Who stole my Nike shirt in the third grade? What are ghosts? Why can I talk to you? Why can’t everyone talk to you? Where's all those missing people? Why do we sleep? What is time? Do round squares exist? I’d be the sum of all three-year-olds on the planet.

Spirits don’t talk to him in English, in case you were wondering. They use signs, symbols, and images to get their meaning across. Guess their connectivity isn’t any better than ours.

Another friend of mine has schizophrenia. He hears voices that speak to him as clearly as you hear your friends and family speaking to you. The docs say it’s all inside his head.

What if science could show that his tympanic membrane was vibrating as he heard these voices?

They aren’t his own voices. One seems German (he thinks a Nazi by his demeanor), one is a small girl and another an older but kinder gentleman. He’s gotten in trouble in the past because he listened to these voices and acted on their suggestions. His speak to him in Italian.

I’ve always wanted to ask him if he’s considered that these voices are spirits that somehow are able to connect with him.  As spirits, if we're willing to butt the line to get here then we probably have our own agenda. We’ll suggest whatever to anyone who’ll listen.

What would you do if the voice in your head multiplied? All talking at once?

Reminds me of an old camping joke.  Bet you wouldn’t tell anyone, would you?

We should go camping.