What's Wrong with This Picture?

Who needs a 1000 words?

Three will do just fine.

You know what three.



You know it's a bad neighborhood when the trees are locked up.




Mink coats hung out to dry on the terrace.  The rich have rednecks too.




Trust.  What you feel from a vendor with his merchandise on a leash.




Why isn't this a chain store?




I don't think this is what the city engineer meant by insulating the lamp post.




Back when graffiti artists were really tough.  (Graffiti from the lower walls of the Rome Colosseum.)




When your car is longer than your apartment is wide.  At least there's four floors.




Not much of a sales pitch for having corner office.



So.  Business really is that.  The next time I tell you to go to Bolzano, Italy, you know what I'm really saying.